COLORES | Villa De Albuquerque | New Mexico PBS

COLORES | Villa De Albuquerque | New Mexico PBS – In honor of Albuquerque, New Mexico’s celebration of its tricentennial, New Mexico PBS proudly presents Villa de Albuquerque. This film is a one-hour documentary that looks at the life and times of 18th century Albuquerque. The documentary covers the Spanish colonial period (1706 – 1821) and provides audiences with a sense of how people – settlers, soldiers, servants, nomadic tribes, and others lived. It will also examine the cross-cultural influences of the time that help define what it means to be a New Mexican today.

Avoiding a text book chronological map of the period and with the help of historians, musicians, re-enactors, and a DNA investigator, Villa de Albuquerque explores the historical roots of our mixed heritage, conveying the lives of the common people behind the big names and events of New Mexico’s Spanish colonial period.



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