Touring around El Paso.- Texas, USA

Touring around El Paso.- Texas, USA

My couchsurfing host and his girlfriend take me around El Paso. We go to open markets and walk around downtown.

I am on a trip that goes from Los Cabos, Mexico to Sao Paulo, Brazil. I will be sharing travel tips and recommendations. I will travel by bus, hitching rides, and staying with couchsurfers. Mainly I will make new friends, visit old friends and just have a great time.

Mi anfitrion y su novia de couch surfing me dan un pequeno tour de El Paso. Vamos a unos mercados organicos y luego a un bar.

Estoy en un viaje que va desde Los Cabos, Mexico a Sao Paulo Brazil. Voy a estar mostrando y dando tips de viaje. Viajare pidiendo aventon, couchsurfing y pasando un buen rato con nuevos amigos viejos amigos..

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