Palisade Rim Trail 2018 (Grand Junction, CO) Mountain Biking








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A BIT ABOUT ME: I consider myself to be an average rider. Not good with jumps, corners, and not very fast. As I continue to try and improve I find myself becoming more and more passionate about riding and wish I could do this every day. I watched many others start a MTB YouTube channel and thought it would be fun to start my own. All of them are really good riders and do an amazing job giving out information about trails, gear, and tips. I would like to think I could help review trails that aren’t as well known to encourage more bike traffic. Their channels really motivated me to move forward and put my own little twist on trail rides and mountain biking. I will do my best to inspire people to get out and ride and find people to share my adventures with.

Always on a quest to find great mountain bike trails, awesome mountain bike friends, helpful mountain biking tips, and amazing MTBing Adventures.