Snowmass Bike Park, Mountain Biking Animal Crackers (Trail #16) AspenSnowmass, CO







SNOWMASS VILLAGE, COlORADO – Mountain Biking #16 Trail at Snowmass Bike Park. With Devin Kenney.

Note: MTB Project calls the trail "Animal Crackers"

The Snowmass Bike Park is a Western Colorado gem. An amazing place to escape the heat of the desert in the Elk Mountains of the White River National Forest. The park is truly unique for the insane amount of elevation climbed by the two lifts, the Elk Camp Gondola and Chairlift. The rides do not leave anything left to be desired with over 2,000 ft. + of mountain biking demon descending glory. To the best of my knowledge, I belive this track is a stage at the Aspen Endure World Series. Aspen EWS.

As the Park grows and expands, so do the variety of newly implemented trails such as #16. 16 is the newest addition to the Snowmass Bike Park family and it’s a doozy! The trail is significantly steep with tight corners, isolated tech chunky areas, a road gap, and most notably OFF CAMBER singletrack. These off camber areas are the real killers here with plenty of down sloping rocks and roots to jack up your lines. It doesn’t take much to flop on the ground like a fish out of water so stay light on the bike! Since the trail at the time of riding is fairly new, some of the rocks will break off and chunk out so maintain situational awareness.

The final section holds a moderately sized road gap jump to a beautifully sloped landing. This part isn’t mandatory with a rolling rock feature to the left. Devin sessioned this section and unfortunately, I didn’t get a good shot of him clearing the feature, which him did. I preferred getting a shot of him wrecking, but unfortunately his extensive dirt bike skills wouldn’t allow it.

Oh, did I mention there are a lot of off camber sections? Finally, new riders will find themselves walking a lot on this track as it is every bit of a black diamond trail, but if you have good intermediate braking and corner and rock rolling abilities, you’ll be just fine.

I highly recommend checking this one out and I guarantee, over time as the biker tracks add up day after day, track conditions will get better and better with some moisture! Ride it again and again and again.

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