History of New York City

History of New York City

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The drawn maps (by me not the pictures of actual ones) of early New York City I show in the video aren’t an exact approximations to the real maps but an artistic representation of how it could have looked like.

1:44 Reprint of 1685 which is not a completely correct representation of the situation at the time. The border with New England had been adjusted to 50 miles (80 km) west of the Fresh River, while the Lange Eylandt towns west of Oyster Bay were under Dutch jurisdiction.

1:52 There was one close call with the natives when the Pavonia Massacre occurred and the Algonquian tribes joined the tribes already fighting the dutch. This however resulted in a Native American defeat after the Dutch sen reinforcements to the city.

1:59 I am calling it a city here however it was still quite small as the entire colony of new Netherlands (including New Amsterdam) had only about 8000 inhabitants,

2:03 Not all of those Africans where slaves by the time of British occupation (small population was free), however how many where free I was unable to find.

2:50 There was a period at the turn of the century that the slave population may have numbered up to 40% (number still very much debated) of the cities population however this changed after the enlightenment era, coming back down to 20%.

4:24 Including freed African Americans by the British during the war, which where technically suppose to be given back to their American owners.

8:00 Named as such because it was signed under a buttonwood tree.

8:02 First attempt in New York City I don’t know if it was the first attempt in the whole country.

10:17 Ticker tape is a thin peace of paper holding the information of changing stock prices. Today its mostly confetti that is thrown out on to the parade and not ticker tape.

11:02 Beating out London.

11:16 Speakeasies where illegal/hidden bars that would sell alcohol during the prohibition era.

11:25 It can be argued that the great depression started prior to Black Tuesday in the farming sector and then other areas and the stock market was just an effect of all these other problems.

11:40 To be fare large amounts of anti immigration laws started before the great depression. Spoored up nationalism during and after the great war fueled anti immigrant sentiment. However there where laws extending this immigration block during the great depression as well and that’s why I mentioned it.

Martin Fernandez
“The building on the right at 11:59 is not Rockefeller Center it’s 500 Fifth Ave. Rockefeller Center is not in the picture.”

I am sorry I wasn’t able to cover everything in the history of New York City specially the more recent stuff like the 2008 crash or 9/11 but due to time I can’t possibly cover everything and I recommend going to pick up a book in your local library if you want to know more.

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