Haunted Portland – Shanghai Tunnels (Americ’as Most Haunted)

Haunted Portland – Shanghai Tunnels (Americ’as Most Haunted)

Take a tour of Shanghai Tunnels – haunted sites in Portland, Oregon.

Old Town Pizza is a landmark in Portland that has been serving tasty pies for many years. Thousands have visited this place from locals to celebrities, including Jay Leno, and Rachael Ray. Many claim this charming restaurant, located in a historic building, is haunted. The ghost of Nina has been seen here, and her presence felt by many.

Wearing a black dress, Nina wanders amongst guest and spends time in the basement. They say sometimes if you are really quiet you can hear her breathing. The restaurant is located in, what used to be a merchant motel and legend has it that Nina was found dead in the hotel. Rumor has it she was pushed to her death down this very elevator shaft and has remained here ever since.

“It was a woman in a black dress, who was coming down the stairs, which was very odd because there was nobody in the restaurant except myself, and I saw somebody moving downstairs and went to go investigate, and there was no one there”. The building itself sits on Portland’s infamous Shaghai tunnels. They have an intriguing and tragic past, the history dates back about a hundred and fifty years.

When you enter the underground you start getting a cold dark feeling. The tunnels travel all around the waterfront areas in the city. They are made of basements and underground passageways that connect underneath places like bars and hotels. They have served many purposes but most noticeably to kidnap men and hold them until sold to ship captains passing through. There are many accounts of these tunnels being haunted.

Visitors of the area claim to hear voices and footsteps, and even see the occasional apparition down the tunnels. Along the way you will also get to see the many trapped doors that were used to capture their victims. They are also called dead falls, by the people at the time. This is a very mysterious piece of American history in a place that leaves a lasting impression. I am Mary Piercing, showing you Portland.