San Francisco to Sacramento via I-80 smoky drive-lapse (Oct 2017)

San Francisco to Sacramento via I-80 smoky drive-lapse (Oct 2017)

Much of what may look like fog is actually smoke from the Northern California wildfires of 2017. That smoke blanketed much of the San Francisco Bay Area for weeks around the time this video was recorded, resulting in quite bad air quality, very noticeable in this video, which was recorded on October 11, 2017. This is a variable-speed, instrumented drive-lapse / time-lapse of the drive along Interstate 80, entering from 8th Street in San Francisco and driving eastbound to northern Sacramento.

Like most San Francisco residents, we have no air conditioning or other filtration, so we finally decided we just had to get out of town, and this drive-lapse to Sacramento is the first leg of our “escape from the smoke”. (You won’t see any actual fires in this video, just lots of smoke.) Videos of later legs of this trip will be coming sometime in the future.

My thoughts and condolences go to those actually in the wildfire areas. All we had to deal with was bad, smoky air. Nothing compared to what they had to deal with.

Distance travelled was 84.9 miles (136.6 kilometers), and the duration was 1 hour, 25 minutes (condensed down into about 11 minutes in this video). Music licensed from Google maps used in accordance with the terms of service for an “online video”.

Here’s an index into some key points within the video:

00:49 Crossing the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge (lower deck)
01:53 Arriving in the East Bay
04:32 Passing by the Phillips 66 Rodeo San Francisco Oil Refinery
05:04 Carquinez Bridge / Al Zampa Memorial Bridge
06:34 Traversing the hills where the smoke was particularly visible (I think these might be the Vaca Mountain foothills, but I’m not really sure)
06:55 Oops
07:58 Finally breaking out of the smoky air after 50 miles of driving
09:34 One of things I learned doing this drive-lapse is that there actually is a Swingle, California
09:41 Yolo Causeway
09:53 Transitioning to the I-80 bypass north around Sacramento