San Antonio Texas Street Scenes 1970s Historic HD Footage

San Antonio Texas Street Scenes 1970s Historic HD Footage

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Colorful, Multicultural San Antonio Texas in the 1970’s

10:42 Scenes of the Alamo in San Antonia, Texas.

11:25 Image of the Tower of the Americas and scenes of the River Walk, also known as the Paseo de Rio, in San Antonia, Texas.

12:24 Scenes of the annual Charro Gala or Fiesta in San Antonio, Texas. Scenes of Charros (horsemen from Mexico) competing in coleadero y charreada, a specific type of Mexican rodeo. Shows steer tailing (Colas en el Lienzo or Coleadero) event. Crowds of people, cooking food, lively Mexican music and dancers. More scenes of people along the River Walk. Fireworks at night and the Queen of the Charro Gala on a boat.

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