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best vacation spots in Panam Nagar

Short history of Panam Nagar,
The best vacation spots in Panam Nagar. Panam Nagar or Panam City is an earliest city of Sonargaon thana in Narayanganj district, about 2.5 kilometers to the north of Dhaka-Chittagong Highway at Mograpara Point. Panam is only 0.5km away from Sonargaon Folk Art Museum. It is seemed to have been the city of Hindu capital city of Sonargaon. Panam Nagar, the gorgeous structures was rising in the last quarter of the 13th century. After that Panam area formed part of Muslim city developed on the old city, and perhaps made up the place of residence of the early Muslim governors.
When the Mughal took over the control of Sonagaon, they constructed highways and bridges and made a new look of Sonagaon and Panam City. Mughal era was the most significant era for all the region of sub-continent. best vacation spots in Panam Nagar has no different for this circumstances. Huge amount of construction works and developments in the life of city dweller had been occurring in the time of Mughal.
Some works of Mughal period still visible at present. Three brick bridges belonging to the Mughal period are: Panam Bridge, Dalalpur Bridge, Panam Nagar Bridge. Panam Bridgeis to be found at a little further to the east of Habibpur on a brick made road between Companiganj and Bari-Majlish, in Sonargaon. The bridge, constructed over Pankhiraj canal on a village road from Hajiganj to Baidyerbazar, belongs to the Mughal period. It consists of three archways, the middle arch being wider and higher. The first one is the smaller one and the last one is greater than the first one. DalalpurBridge, also the symbol of Mughal structurecrosses the Pankhiraj Khal (canel) on the northern side of best vacation spots in Panam Nagar in Sonagaon and connects Adampur and Dalalpur. It has also three archways. It may be the tradition of Mughal artifact that the middle arch was made wider and higher for the secure passageway of boats. The path is made of bricks set in rounded lines. The bridge angles downward sharply on either side. The last one is Panam Nagar Bridge. It is a tiny one vaulted overpass situated on the western side of Panam Nagar in Sonagaon.The Bridge, over a narrow channel, attaches Panam Nagar with the main road.

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