Things to Do in Tulsa, OK | 10K Road Trip Vlog Day 16

Things to Do in Tulsa, OK | 10K Road Trip Vlog Day 16

We spent our second day in Tulsa exploring the city. We saw a lot of great art deco architecture and a lot of random sites, including the 5th tallest statue in the US and a spot claiming to be the Center of the Universe. It was weird. And cool.

This is Day 16 of our 10,000 mile road trip across the US.

Check out our first day in Tulsa here:


0:01 – Oral Roberts University (random architecture)
1:07 – Boston Avenue United Methodist Church (amazing Art Deco)
2:05 – Inside the church
3:57 – Downtown Tulsa, Philcade Building
4:14 – Tulsa Union Depot (Jazz Hall of Fame)
4:18 – Center of the Universe (acoustic anomaly)
5:43 – John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park
6:25 – Guthrie Green free live music
6:43 – Street Art and murals in Tulsa’s East Village
7:11 – Boxyard
7:30 – Tulsa Fire Alarm Building (Art Deco)
7:42 – Tulsa’s Route 66 remnants
8:21 – Golden Driller (5th tallest statue in the United States at 75′ tall)
8:56 – Warren Theater (Art Deco movie theater)

What’s going on here?

We quit our jobs, left New York City, bought a car, and decided to spend the summer driving around the US. The plan is to hit at least 35 states and cover more than 10,000 miles. Watch from the beginning here:

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“By My Side” by Craves

“High Above” by Nicolai Heidlas

Filmed on June 11, 2017 on a Canon G7X Mark II.

Our Gear:

Canon G7X Mark II: (it’s amazing and basically sees in the dark)
Canon G7X: (the original is almost as good, but less expensive)
Joby Gorillapod: (fantastic versatile bendy tripod – this is the slightly smaller “action” version that’s easier to travel with and comes with a mount for a camera and a gopro)
Macbook Air: (we edit everything on Final Cut Pro on a Macbook Air, which is light and easy to travel with)
External Hard Drive: (the videos are a little too big for the macbook air to handle, so I edit everything off an external hard drive)

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